In a recent study conducted by DudaMobile, it was found that a staggering 28% of small to medium-sized restaurants, and food industry businesses, have a mobile friendly siteThese businesses ranged included everything from restaurants to pizzerias and bakeries to food trucks.

This business sector is well ahead of other industries looking to embrace the world of smartphone.  Following in their wake were professional services such as locksmiths and attorneys (16%), health and wellness (10%), travel and tourism, including hotels (8%) and transportation (6%). 

Maybe most interestingly of all, DudaMobile also found that almost 20% of visits to a mobile-optimized website directly resulted in the visitor turning into a customer.

The info graphic below also shows that 70% of smartphone owners use their phone to shop and that over 50% of business users use their phones to find informationwhile travelling.

Restaurants lead the way


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