Here at Going Mobile we like to keep red tape to a minimum.  However, we also recognise that people want to feel secure when they order an app from us.

Although we are more than happy to produce you a demo app for free, and without obligation (though we hope you will only request one if your interest is genuine) we do require payment before we can commence on the final development of your app.  This is because it takes us considerable time and effort to develop your app but at the same time we want to ensure your own interests are protected should something unforeseen happen during the development process.

We have therefore come up with what we firmly believe is a fair refund for everyone concerned, which is as follows:

If prior to any further development starting: 100% of development fee, 100% of maintenance fee are refundable.

Once development has commenced but prior to submission to Apple: 50%  of development fee, 100% of maintenance fee are refundable.

Once submitted to Apple: The pro-rata amount, on a monthly basis, of the maintenance fee is refundable.  However, the app becomes inactive at that point.

In the unlikely event that we are unable to get your app accepted by Apple then the full development, and maintenance, amount will be refunded.

If you have any questions regarding this, or any other, policy then please do not hesitate to ask us.