GartnerAlthough not always a household name for consumers, or small and medium businesses, Gartner is a very major player in the IT world.  In fact, they are the largest independentand the  leading provider of research and analysis on the information technology industry.  The advice these guys give is something that makes a lot of companies sit up and take notice, as their analysis is second to none.  

Ok, in the interests of full disclosure, I should state I used to work for Gartner, but my personal view on the quality, and accuracy, of their services is something that is accepted across the entire IT sector.  So, in the nutshell, these guys are the real deal when it come to predicting technology trends.

Recently they produced a list of the top ten consumer applications (types) for 2012.  These were seen as being:

Gartner’s list of top ten consumer mobile applications for 2012:

1: Money Transfer 
2: Location-Based Services 
3: Mobile Search 
4: Mobile Browsing 
5: Mobile Health Monitoring 
6: Mobile Payment 
7: Near Field Communication Services 
8: Mobile Advertising 
9: Mobile Instant Messaging 
10: Mobile Music

You can read the full article here.


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